(book 3)

She’s the third sister, often overlooked and the last to know about anything that’s happening in the family.
Cece is gifted a cottage in the Scottish Highlands. She doesn’t want a cottage or to go to Scotland. Her sisters’ gifts were much more interesting.
When spurned by the man she loves, and tasked with selling the beloved family home, Cece believes she will never find the contentment her sisters enjoy. Despondent and alone, Cece learns that another ‘unwanted gift’ is suddenly very real and forces her to flee to Scotland and to the hated cottage, which proves to be nothing as she imagined. Old, rundown and in need of some tender care like Cece, the cottage becomes her bolt hole to lick her wounds and hide from the world.
Only, she didn’t plan on sharing her home with a runaway orphan or finding herself the interest of the local villagers, especially the school teacher who breaks through her barriers and makes her feel special, and there’s a certain brooding Highlander that she can’t quite work out.
However, just when Cece believes she might find her happy ever after, she is taught to take nothing for granted. Hurtful secrets are revealed, and happiness is destroyed. Who can she trust?
Then, when she is at her lowest, one man shows her that not all is lost.

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Marsh Saga Series